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First impressions matter for cannabis display cases in pharmacies, just like in job interviews. The way your pharmacy looks and its layout play a big role in keeping customers satisfied. Technology is changing how people shop, moving away from traditional stores to digital solutions. People have choices, it’s your job to attract and keep the right customers. Also, think about the diverse customers in this growing industry. Some feel unsure about entering a cannabis pharmacy. Your goal is to create a welcoming and positive experience.

Like retail, there’s a variety of store appearances, which is important for a successful market. Your task is to find your place and make it intentional. We’ll talk about what affects pharmacy design, explore common layouts, and see how they impact customers, staff, and equipment. 

Importance of Cannabis Display Cases in Pharmacy

Medical stores and recreational cannabis shops are becoming more popular in the US, Europe, and other places. Right now, medical cannabis is allowed in 37 US states. These stores sell different types of cannabis, like flowers, edibles, CBD stuff, and more. How these products are shown in the store is super important for success.

Special display cases make the products look cool and help the people working there sell more. Making the place safe and friendly helps customers feel good and keeps them coming back. Using cool designs on the walls and counters makes shopping for cannabis enjoyable.

Where You can Place Cannabis Display Cases at Pharmacy

Depending on the space available and what you’re selling, your pharmacy shelving and tables should be the right size and adaptable for the future. Think about how much stuff you’ll have and how it’ll fit on the shelves.

Getting help from an interior designer could be smart. They’ll set up your shelves so customers can move around comfortably and show off your products better. They can also guide you through different cannabis display cases, even custom-made ones. This is a way to make sure your pharmacyy looks great and works well for your budget.

How long do the Cannabis Display Cases Last?

When picking your cannabis display cases, remember that time and money matter, but they’re not everything. Good manufacturing and strong materials are crucial too. When comparing fixtures, think about how they’re made. Are the drawers and frames sturdy? Are they welded or just put together? Welded ones are tougher and hold up better. Also, strong drawer glides matter; you don’t want drawers falling apart when they’re full. These fixtures often arrive in parts, and if something’s wrong, you’re stuck.

How does pharmacy shelving enhance the customer experience?

Every step of a customer’s visit to your pharmacy should feel welcoming. When they arrive, a staff member at the reception greets them and checks their ID. In the waiting area, they can explore the main floor displays or enjoy the scents of sealed display pods with different cannabis strains.

Looking around, they’ll notice products on the wall behind the counters. A variety of items like flowers, edibles, concentrates, and more are beautifully showcased in lit display cases. Soft light highlights dab extracts in round pods. When they approach the counter to talk to a budtender, there are countertop displays with vaporizers, pipes, or store-branded items. The whole experience is pleasant, caring, and relaxed, meant to improve their journey and encourage them to return.

4 common Pharmacy layouts

In our years of helping pharmacies succeed, we’ve seen different styles and setups. We’ve simplified our experience into four main pharmacy layouts. There’s no one-size-fits-all; you pick what suits you best.

Bank Model:

This is common for medical and recreational cannabis shops.

Pharmacy Model

The Pharmacy setup is less common but great for tight control of inventory.

Mobile Model:

Mobile style is about customer experience but can be tricky to manage.

Kiosk Model:

This is a new idea gaining ground, like at airports. Self-service with staff around to help.

Storage of Cannabis Display Cases

Dispensaries and pharmacies both know that good storage is a must. Cannabis is different as it’s not always like regular medicine. It can lose strength, get mouldy, or dry out if not stored properly. You need to keep checking temperature, humidity, light and moisture to keep it good.

Flexibility of Cannabis Shelving

Your pharmacy needs to be flexible for changes in laws and new opportunities that pop up. For example, some states only allow limited medical use. They might permit it for certain conditions but not for general use. Some states allow tinctures and infusions, but not smoking. Others allow vaping, but not smoking. As laws change over time and your setup must change too. You should be ready to store and secure new products as they become legal.

How secure are cannabis display cases?

Safety matters a lot. It’s obvious, but your whole store must be safe. Security systems, and sometimes guards, are a must (cash businesses can be risky). But don’t forget about inventory safety. Only trusted staff should handle stock. Everything, from displays to inventory and payment systems, should be made with security in mind. 


Pharmacies got a head start with medical cannabis, but that doesn’t mean they should stop improving. No need to freak out either. While some parts of this industry are new, many of the basics still work. We have the know-how to help you tackle current problems and grab future chances. I covered each and every aspect, and now you can select the best cannabis display for your pharmacy shelf to make it more attractive.

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