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Coimbatore is one of the huge and most populated cities in Tamil Nadu. It is a great place for tourists as they serve various attractive tourist attractions. And guess what? It’s a starting point for other amazing spots in South India too. People love Coimbatore for outdoor fun. There are places like Nilgiris for trekking, Sulur Lake for canoeing, Kovalam for camping, and Black Thunder Park for rappelling. And you know what else? Coimbatore has thick forests, twisty rivers, lively streams, green trees, and lots of animals. That’s why it’s a hit with all sorts of tourists, those who like adventure, nature, animals, and just having a good time on vacation.

Tamil Nadu’s second-biggest city has a lot of things to provide. People call it the Manchester of South India because of the diverse array of industries, and it’s also known for making auto parts. And now, it’s becoming a big spot for I.T. and ITES too. While talking about the city’s food scene, it was not long back that the city was all about local South Indian places like Annapoorna. Even though these places are still growing, the city has changed a lot. The population is increasing day by day, and people are spending more money on restaurants. So, you’ll find loads of new restaurants and cafes to choose from that you might even have a hard time picking!

When we talk about the best veg restaurants in Coimbatore, you will find plenty of them. And the best part? You have choices for all sorts of budgets. Whether you feel like having a fancy meal at a posh restaurant, a quick bite at a café, or traditional home-style food at a local mess, Coimbatore has them all. Here’s a list of some top and best veg restaurants in Coimbatore to kick off your food adventure:

Sree Annapoorna

Sree Annapoorna is a special place for the people of Coimbatore. It all started when they served yummy filter coffee, and crispy keerai vadas at the oldest movie theatres in the city. It’s a must-visit if you’re in Coimbatore. They opened their first proper restaurant in R.S. Puram back in 1968. After that, they kept growing and opened more places around the city. This is really a nice and affordable place where families can enjoy their meals. Annapoorna is like one of the best veg restaurants in Coimbatore since it first opened. You’ve got to try their famous Sambhar, Mushroom Biryani, Mysore Bonda, Onion Bhajji, Medhu Vadas, Pepper Parotta, Tomato Rice, and more. These are some of their tasty dishes.

R. H. R. Pure Veg Restaurant 

Royal Hindu Restaurant, or R.H.R. in short, is one of the best veg restaurants in Coimbatore. This special place has been making the people of Coimbatore happy who love veg food. Since 1931, they have been doing great and are growing a lot of reputation. So, if you’re on the hunt for real South Indian veggie food in Coimbatore, you absolutely can’t skip this restaurant. This place is famous for its huge menu that won’t break the bank, quick service, nice staff, and a perfect ambience to make you feel happy. It’s like a checklist for a really good meal, no matter when you visit.


Sitting in the IKON Hotel, started by Sree Annapoorna, it has a really cool ambience called Kove. It’s like a modern version of the best veg restaurant in Coimbatore. Kove wants people to try veggie food in a fancy way, so they make a nice place to eat. The inside of the restaurant looks really colourful and comfy, like how people here like it. Not many fancy veggie restaurants are there in Tamil Nadu, but Kove is one. They even have a bar where they have enormous cooling and refreshing drinks. Kove is becoming one of the best places to eat in Coimbatore as they mix local and global flavours in their menu. You can try special dishes like Mushroom Tortellini with Lemon Butter Sauce, Yam Galouti, Blue Cheese Naan, Curd-rice Arancini Balls, and more.


Yari is a restaurant that serves many types of food cuisines, and their ambience is also calm and relaxing. Their services are quick, and the food here is really good, and they only serve vegetarian dishes. They have a mix of food from around the world and Indian veggie food. It might cost a bit more, but having dinner here on the weekend with your family will be a special time to remember.

Four Cups

If you’re into trying new and mixed-up foods, you’ll really like Four Cups. This is the best veg restaurant in Coimbatore, which is in R.S. Puram and has a menu consisting of varieties of dishes. They have food from lots of places like Asia, the Mediterranean, and more. They’re on lists of best veggie places in Coimbatore because they have so much different food. Everyone will find something they like here. Here, you can taste dishes like Burmese Laksa, Tandoori Finger Idly, Mix Vegetable Dosa, Thai Green Curry and Rice, Raw Papaya Mango Chaat, and more.

All Seasons Vegetarian Delicacies

This is the best veg restaurant in Coimbatore that’s all about delicious South Indian veggie food. The food is really tasty and not too expensive, so lots of people like to eat here. The place is clean, the people who work there are nice, and the hospitality is amazing. But there’s no place to park your car, which might be a bit tricky for some people.

Summing Up!

Well, these are some of the best veg. Restaurants in Coimbatore that you can always explore and try their mouthwatering dishes. If you are in the city, then don’t forget to visit these places for delectable vegetable food. If you want to try these scrumptious dishes without leaving the comfort of your home or don’t want to step out of your hotel in the bustling streets of the city, you can order food online in Coimbatore from Swiggy at any time. And just enjoy the food with just a few taps. 

Happy Eating! 

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