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A pest infestation can take away peace from your life. Of course, generic pest problems arise from time to time, and you may opt for a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach if the infestation is manageable. But, there are times when the job is best left to professionals. This is especially true for wood-destroying pests like termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and others. Professionals are equipped with the right tools and strategies to eliminate pests and nip the infestation in its bud. But, with an array of pest controllers available, how do you choose the right company? Let’s find out!

Top Tips to Opt for the Right Pest Control Company

  1. Consider the Qualifications

Pest control is a professional task that requires experience, training, and expertise from the personnel coming to control the infestation. So, before finalizing the pest control company, ask some important questions, such as –

  • Do the technicians of the company have the correct license?
  • Is the license updated?
  • How does the company keep their staff informed about changes in pest control regulations, products, and safety?
  • Do they use integrated pest management systems?
  • Does the company have a certified entomologist on board?
  1. Do the Research

Search online and dive deep into the rabbit hole to find the right pest control company for your needs. When you enter an online query about the best pest controllers in Australia, a long list of results will pop up. Find out about the experience of the company and who their clients are or have been. Check if the company is experienced enough to deal with the infestation at your home. Finally, any trustworthy pest control service will be registered with the Australian Environment Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). 

  1. Check the Treatment Methods

Different types of pests require different control and eradication methods. Likewise, you might encounter companies offering chemical-based pest control solutions, which can be harmful to humans. So, look for eco-friendly organizations that offer rodent control, termite control, bug management, and more.

  1. Ask for References

When finding the best pest control company, do not simply rely on the internet for sources. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for references. In-person recommendations from a trusted person are just as useful as Google reviews or on-site testimonials. For instance, is one of the most reliable pest controllers in Brisbane, recommended by many. 

  1. Look Out for Unprofessional Organizations

Professionalism must be a key consideration when you are looking for a pest control company. For instance, if you have dialed the number of a pest controller near you, and they immediately try to sell their services without even inspecting the site, this is a sign of unprofessionalism. Some of the key features of a professional pest control company include transparency, clarity, dedication, and communication.


Now, you have five tips on choosing the best pest control company. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find a pest controller that caters to your unique needs and frees your home of any rodents, pests, and other nuisances!

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